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Work smarter. Work more effectively. Use one system for your payroll and personnel agenda as well as accounting.
Relieve your business from processes. Use Humanet.

All your agenda in one system

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Payroll and Personnel data
Mobile application
Payroll Processing
Travel orders
Attendance processing
Double entry bookkeeping
Absences approvals
Invoicing and sales

Benefits of using Humanet


You only need internet connection and internet browser for using Humanet.

For every device

Humanet runs on various operating systems. You may use your PC, mobile device or tablet.

Always safe

Your data are secured and automaticly backed-up.

One system

All of your payroll, personnel or accounting agenda in one place.

Updated legislation

Your data are processed according to valid current legislation.

No worries of updating

Humanet is always up to date. You are working with most recent version.

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You may connect your attendance and accounting system.


Transparency and simplicity

Your data are recorded in summary forms.

Government cloud

Humanet is a certified ERP service for the areas of human resources and payroll, double-entry accounting, as well as attendance.



Every table from the system can be exported into MS Excel.


Active support

Experienced consultants always ready to help with HOTLINE (mostly in Slovak).


How much do I pay for the system?

You don't pay licenses in advance for using Humanet. Monthly fees for Humanet - only for what you actually process.

The fee includes the license, system maintenance, updates, system improvements, hotline, video tutorials, data storage. Invoices are issued only after exceeding the amount of 10,- €.

Detailed pricing information can be found in the price list.

Can I use Humanet for free

You have the option to try out Humanet (personnel data, payroll processing, attendance processing, approval of absences, travel orders) for free in a demo database with fictitious data for a period of 1 month.

A new customer using Humanet (live database with their own data) will receive an initial discount of 10,- € off the first invoice.

Invoices will be issued only after exceeding the amount of 10,- €. Detailed pricing information can be found in the price list.

What do I need to operate Humanet?

The operation of the cloud-based solution Humanet does not require any special installation requirements of any components, elements, or add-ons, apart from those commonly used for browsing websites on the internet.

You always need an up-to-date internet browser and Adobe Acrobat Reader to view PDF documents.

Supported browsers include the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, Opera, IE 11. Updating some browsers may require updating the operating system.

If you want to use more advanced features for generating output printouts, you will also need Microsoft Office or at least its free components to view XLSX and DOCX documents

How do the user access his data backup?

Data backup is performed automatically by the online economic system at regular intervals. At the same time, the user can back up his data himself and store it in any place he considers safe enough.

What do I need to launch the Humanet mobile application

To use the Mobile application, you need to be a user of the Humanet system. The application operates in combination with the Personnel Data, Attendance, Absence Approval modules, which must be activated and correctly configured for your company. In the case of displaying pay slips, the Payroll module is also required.

It is also important to have your phone connected to the internet via secure WiFi or mobile data. For the Mobile application to function correctly, you need a phone with Android 6 or newer, or iOS 13.2 or newer operating system.

After logging into the Humanet Mobile application, it is not possible to proceed further.

For the Mobile application to function properly, the employer needs to

enable the employee to use the application in the Humanet system

settings. Subsequently, it is necessary to choose the correct type of


After registration, I didn't receive the verification email. What should I do?

Check your spam folder to see if the verification email ended up there.

If you can't find it there either, contact us via email at or by phone on weekdays from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM at 041/286 15 15.

Satisfied users of Humanet

Our customers are small entrepreneurs, non-profit organizations and large companies. In one system, they can cover the agenda of human resources, wages, attendance and accounting.

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